Are you part of a group that meets periodically and enjoys demos and talk?

Book your demonstration today!

Are you part of a group that meets periodically and enjoys demos and talks? Now you can book King's Cake House to attend your evening for a live professional cake demonstration.

Talks and Demonstrations in Shropshire, available for booking

Demonstration Includes:

  • A ready made cake, vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream, cased in a white chocolate ganache. This will be used for part of the demonstration
  • 30 - 40 minute live professional demo, showcasing multiple skills and techniques in an informal session
  • Watch me flip a cake upside down!
  • Sugarcraft demonstration
  • Explainations about methods and the tools used
  • Relaxed Q&A throughout the display
  • 20 minutes after demo circulating, a chance to ask questions, look at the finished cake and say Hi!
  • At the end of the demo the cake will be cut up and served for everyone to enjoy!

Demonstrations in Oswestry, Wrexham and more areas


1 - 25 people £110

26 - 35 people £155

36 - 45 people £200

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What we need provided:

  • Two large tables with a smooth unmarked surface ( like a worktop type of surface )
  • Hot water
  • Your own serving plate or platter
  • Parking close by or easy access to a loading bay
  • 20 minutes set up time

Optional Extra:

Goody bag - £3 per person

A deposit is required to secure the event. The remaining balance is payable on the evening by cash

All areas included within a 10 mile radius to SY11 3AU

Please email for quotes on further distances

Cake demonstration in Shropshire, cake demo Oswestry, Wrexham. Perfect for WI, NFU and more!

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A perfect booking for your group meeting events. WI, NFU, Gardeners Clubs, Book clubs, Social Clubs 

Cake demonstration in Oswestry

Demonstration Shropshire in Oswestry